AIM - Austrian Institute of Management GmbH
Thomas-A.-Edison-Straße 2
7000 Eisenstadt

Telephone: +43 57705-5100
E-Mail: office(at)

Service hours

Monday to thursday8 am to 4 pm
Friday: 8 am to 1:30 pm


Meet our team

Managing Director

Mag.a (FH) Daniela Schuster

Managing Director

Telephone: +43 57705-5120
E-Mail: daniela.schuster(at)


Assistant to the Managing Director

Christina Hergovich, Bakk.phil.

Assistant to the Managing Director & Quality Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5122
E-Mail: christina.hergovich(at)


Program Directors

Mag.a Amelie Cserer

Program Director

Telephone: +43 57705-5116
E-Mail: amelie.cserer(at)

Prof.(FH) Mag.a Bettina Schauer-Frank

Program Director & Deputy Head of the Kollegium der Fachhochschule Burgenland

Telephone: +43 57705-5121
E-Mail: bettina.schauer(at)


Academic Quality Management

Mag.a Nadja Rathmanner

Academic Quality Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5119
E-Mail: nadja.rathmanner(at)

Claudia Schloegl, BA, MA

Academic Quality Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5114
E-Mail: claudia.schloegl(at)


Program Management

Anna Egresits

Program Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5110
E-Mail: anna.egresits(at)

Armin Frank

Program Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5118
E-Mail: armin.frank(at)


Lisbeth Scharmer

Program Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5115
E-Mail: lisbeth.scharmer(at)

Nicole Schmidl

Program Management

Telephone: +43 57705-5111
E-Mail: nicole.schmidl(at)

Marketing & Public Relations

Eva Händler, MA

Marketing & Public Relations, Data Protection Coordination

Telephone: +43 57705-5124
E-Mail: eva.haendler(at)

Nadine Mühlhauser

(on maternity leave)

Marketing & Public Relations, Data Protection Coordination

Telephone: +43 57705-5113

Software Development

Patrizia Sailer, BSc, MSc

Software Development

Telephone: +43 57705-5123
E-Mail: patrizia.sailer(at)


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